Current Programme


See the COVID-19 page for changes to our usual procedures.

16th August Peacock Meadows/Tarman’s Copse, Bracknell
Possible ragwort pulling/fruit tree mulching at Peacock Meadows or Tarman’s Copse.

Meet at Swift Fields car park, Jennetts Park, Bracknell, RG12 8DY

Map, OS SU845678

30th August Ockwells Park and Thriftwood, Maidenhead
Those of you who planted trees at Thriftwood last winter will remember just how muddy it was. You will also remember how dry the spring was. Unfortunately the liquid mud turned into dry deeply cracked clay and, because they couldn’t be watered during lockdown, many of the whips have died.

We are going to remove the guards and canes of the dead trees while we can tell which are alive and which are dead.

Ockwells Park is on Ockwells Road, Cox Green, Maidenhead.

Meet in the car park here: Map, OS: SU 87845 78777, Postcode: SL6 3AA

We are working here in the area enclosed by a temporary deer fence.

13th September Wykery Copse, Bracknell
We will be coppicing at Wykery Copse.

Wykery Copse is a 3.15 hectare ancient semi-natural woodland which contains a mixture of woodland types including wet ash-maple, valley and base-rich alder, and oak with birch and hazel.

Meet at the roadside entrance off Crutchley Wood (the name of the a road off Peacock Lane).

Map, OS SU 85205 68526, postcode RG12 8BZ.

27th September Bray Pit
Raking the meadow.

Bray Pit used to be managed by BBOWT. BBOWT volunteers are going to cut it for us this year and WMCV will rake off the mowings. This is to reduce the nutrients in the soil and encourage the masses of wild flowers which grow in the summer.

Bray Pit is sandwiched between Bray Sailing Lake and the M4.

The postcode for Bray Lake Watersports is SL6 2EB, but beware of using this with a satnav as some direct you through Bray Village and this route is not accessible for cars.

Map, OS SU909786

11th October Bracknell Forest Council
25th October TBA
8th November Bracknell Forest Council
22nd November TBA
6th December BBOWT Woolley Firs, Littlewick Green
We will be joining the Friends of Woolley Firs on their monthly work task.

Woolley Firs is in Cherry Garden Lane, Littlewick Green, Maidenhead, SL6 3LJ (the turning off the A4 just before the Shire Horse pub heading west). Go in the second entrance marked “No Entry” and park outside the workshop.

Map, OS SU 85137 79934

20th December TBA