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2019 Gallery

17 February 2019
A contractor cut down old ash coppice in an area of Little Thrift Wood, Maidenhead. This was to let in more light and to encourage the ground flora to grow. The contractor cut the wood into (just about) manageable pieces where it fell – we moved the logs away into the shade.

30 March 2019
The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead recently bought some farmland on the opposite side of the Thames to Cliveden as a public amenity/wildlife area. It has been renamed Battlemead Common. The Borough decided to replace the fence next to the Thames Path with a hedge.

In all, over several days, about 4000 whips were planted by Ways Into Work, TCV, WMCV, Wild Cookham and Wild Maidenhead.

14 April 2019
We removed about 250 tree guards, constructed seven nuthatch boxes and cut out the pieces for a hedgehog house at Jennett’s Park, Bracknell.

28 April 2019
We spotted that many of the bushes in a mature hedge at Battlemead Common were being strangled by white spiral tree guards and asked the Borough if we could have a task removing them.